Your choice of a central air conditioning system has a big impact on the livability of your home. Our staff takes the extra care to not just make sure your system works smoothly but that it’s balanced; attaining the highest levels of efficiency and comfort for your family.

Central Air Conditioning

Coastal has installed hundreds of central air conditioning systems in homes and businesses. We are a Carrier Elite dealer, featuring quiet cooling systems that can save up to 56% on your cooling costs while also lessening the impact on our environment.

Fan Coils and Air Handlers

Complete your home heating and cooling system — or upgrade an existing system — with an efficient high-performance fan coil or air handler. Properly selected and installed, these units can increase your system’s efficiency by up to two SEER points. Plus they can be outfitted with filtration, humidification (or dehumidification), and other indoor air quality components.

Heat Pumps

Once thought of as a budget HVAC system for apartments and condos, heat pumps now are so much more. They’re quiet, intelligent and efficient; cooling and heating in one unobtrusive package. They can now be used in small and medium sized homes — in tandem with a furnace or even instead of a furnace. Plus, they heat and cool in one unobtrusive package.

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Get Peace of Mind With a Maintenance Plan

Air conditioning systems require regular maintenance to maintain cool temperatures in your home and operate at peak efficiency. We highly recommend enrollment in our annual maintenance program. Our regular check-ups will identify anything and everything that’s in need of attention. We’ll change filters, inspect cooling coils, check drains, clean the blower, check condenser coil, lubricate moving parts…the list goes on and on.

At Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning, we understand the importance of comfort in your home for both you and your family. We will go above and beyond to determine the best product and system for your lifestyle. This is why we provide multiple different options for our customers. Contact us today to move forward towards a comfortably conditioned home.

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Would Ductless Air Conditioning be better for you?

More and more people are turning to ductless A/C instead of inefficient room air conditioners or more expensive central systems. They can be installed in any home and are extremely energy efficient. Also, if you don’t wish to air condition the entire home — perhaps you just wish to select certain sleeping or living areas — ductless units are perfect for the task.

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