No matter how your home or business is heated, Coastal has the experience and resources to keep your system running smoothly. You and your family should not be cold during the frigid winter months. Our team of licensed, experienced technicians install and service gas or propane forced hot air furnaces, conventional split heat pumps to ensure you are warm inside. We guarantee 100% satisfaction!


A new furnace can be up to 40% more efficient than your current one, even if your furnace is as little as ten years old. With today’s rising fuel prices, you’ll be surprised at the savings. Ask us to help calculate them for you.

Heat Pumps

Once considered for small living spaces only, heat pump technology has improved to the point where they could be the ideal choice for small and medium sized homes. They can also “compliment” an existing furnace to create a green Hybrid Heat system. Ask us to evaluate the feasibility of a heat pump for your residence.


A boiler provides heat, and hot water to your home and is not only annoying when not functional, but could cause a lot of harm to pipes and appliances which use hot water. Don’t wait until there is an issue with your boiler to seek maintenance. Ask Coastal for advice on service to your boiler to assure that your home or business is running at full capacity, especially in the cold winter months.

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Get Peace of Mind With a Maintenance Plan

Without regular maintenance, furnaces age quickly and operate less efficiently, costing you more in monthly energy costs. We highly recommend enrollment in our annual maintenance program. Our regular check-ups will identify anything and everything that’s in need of attention. We’ll clean burners, change filters, adjust gas pressure, adjust pilots, lubricate moving parts…the list goes on and on.

Our team at Coastal Heating & Air Conditioning work hard so that you don’t have to suffer during New England’s cold winter months. We strive to ensure you are comfortable in your own home, regardless of the weather. Contact us today to make sure your home is properly heated these winter months.

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Would a Ductless Home Comfort System be better for you?

More and more people are turning to ductless heating and cooling systems — instead of those less efficient or costly methods such as electric heating, central air, and window air conditioners. A ductless unit can be installed in any home — even older structures — and are extremely energy efficient. They can keep a room (or rooms) not only warm in winter, but cool in summer too!

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